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second hand crusher for sale

second hand crusher for sale

Welcome to visit Zenith company, or directly visit our customer’s production lines for investigation.

 Zenith second hand jaw crusher for sale

We produce two types of jaw crusher: PE jaw crusher and PEW jaw crusher, second hand PE price will be lower than the PEW, PEW is the upgraded version of PE, when produce the PEW series, we have used of the first-class technology and raw materials, ensure the breaking of the PEW has a high-quality performance.


If you are interested in jaw crusher and would like to know the price of these used machines, please contact our online customer or leave a message.

Zenith second hand cone crusher for sale

Zenith has produced the S series cone crusher for more than 20 years of machine, combines the United States and Germany technology, and after innovation and transformation, make our S series cone crusher became the best sales of cone crusher, and with the most cheap price in the several model of cone crusher. But it also has some disadvantages, if the machine occurs malfunction, you must have manually operation excluded the fault. In response to this situation, we immediately launched the Hp series hydraulic cone crusher, it can lift up bearing housing and fixed cone through hydraulic system, in order to exclusion of crushing cavity of fault, of course, prices in secondary crushing HP series hydraulic cone crusher also will be more expensive than the S series cone crusher.


 Interested in used cone crusher and would like to know the price, please contact our online customer or leave a message, quato will be send to you within 24 hours.

Zenith second hand impact crusher for sale

We have the second hand PF impact crusher and PFW impact crusher for sale, PFW series impact crusher have two types, Type II has higher crushing chamber and accept bigger feeding size. Type III has the third adjustable break curtain, gives higher reduction ratio and finer fraction sizes. PEW's crushing performance will be better than the PF.



Want to know more details about the second hand impact crusher, please contact us!

Certainly if you purchased second-hand crusher, it is without service guarantees, you may will spent more of money to maintenance these machine, when these machine parts is corrupted, it's hard to help you the find these accessories, because some of these crushers may be a very old model, we've upgraded it, or does not produce anymore.

You can also consider new crushers, Zenith can give you the commitment, we can give you a most favorable price; a machine can be used normally for three years, and that there will not be any fault. New machines might be better suited for your investment.

Welcome to visit Zenith company, or directly visit our customer’s production lines  for investigation. 

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