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Recycling plant

Recycling plant

Recycling is a process of collecting human waste for disposing and re-use. We can implement separation and recovery according to the nature of the waste, or the nature of the industry.

concrete aggregate demolition debris

recycling plant

Industrial waste disposal, such as concrete aggregate demolition debris.

Most construction waste after sorting, removing impurities and crushing can be reused as renewable resource. The mobile crushing station is the ideal equipment for construction waste, because it can do the on-site crushing.

Construction waste disposal and recovery

To meet the needs of urban modernization and turn the waste into useful, Zenith successfully developed a set of construction waste disposal equipments after several years’ research and development. The waste disposal equipment crushes and screens the construction waste with jaw crusher, impact crusher, shaft impact crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, multiple vibrating screen, feeder, etc. With the optimized and enhanced design, it becomes higher intensity, better performance and more compact structured. The equipment features with reliable, stable, mobile, and adaptable. It also reduces the materials transportation costs, and combines benefits like flexibility, easy maintenance, etc. The products can be wildly used in unburned bricks, road infrastructure, construction and other industries, and provides a new way of virtuous cycle for urban construction.

Recycling is a process of collecting human waste for disposing and re-use. We can implement separation and recovery according to the nature of the waste, or the nature of the industry. Such as mining and industrial waste, mainly is scrap metal; life waste types are complex, organic, inorganic products, metal products, etc. In order to improve waste recycling and dealing efficiency and effectiveness, urban life waste should be carry out separation and recovery. The specialized containers for papers, metals, plastics and inorganics can be set up in the city street, which helps the waste disposing and re-using.

Application and recovery of waste

1). The coarse and fine aggregate, which is made of abandoned building concrete and masonry, can be used to produce corresponding hard level of concrete, mortar or building materials, such as building blocks, wallboards, ground tiles. It can also be used in road pavement base after adding curing material.
2). The waste brick can be used to produce aggregate which is for the production of recycled bricks, blocks, wallboards, ground tiles and other building materials.
3). Residue soil can be used for road construction, pile filler, foundation and so on.
4). As for the waste timber of construction, if it is not of significant damage, it can be used for reconstruction, others of serious damage can be used for recycled wood and paper.
5). The disused road asphalt can be directly used to an appropriate proportion for recycled asphalt concrete
6). The waste road concrete can be processed into recycled aggregate for the preparation of recycled concrete.]
7). The scraped steel, steel bar and other metal materials can be directly reused or reprocessing.

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