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Pretreatment of Solid Waste

Pretreatment of Solid Waste

we can according to your actual situation, tailored to you an appropriate solid waste disposal program

Solid waste refers to the production, life and other events resulting in loss of original use value or did not lose value but abandoned or given up solid, semi-solid and placed in a container of gas objects, physical as well as legal and administrative regulations items of solid waste management, materials.

Solid waste treatment

Through different physical, chemical, biological and other methods, the solid waste into easy to transport, storage, use and final disposal morphological structure of the process.

Here we take a look at using physical methods of pre-treatment of solid wastes.

Pre-treatment of solid waste: crushing

The use of force to overcome the cohesion between the particles of solid waste leaving split into small chunks of solid waste in the process.

Pre-treatment of solid waste: cryogenic crushing

At room temperature it is difficult to break solid waste time-varying low temperature embrittlement properties can make broken methods. At the same time, based on different material embrittlement temperature can be selectively broken.

Pre-treatment of solid waste: wet crushing

Based on paper in water under the action of the slurry, thereby can be salvaged and the pulp and paper and other process combines the principles and developed a crushing method, mainly for recycling municipal waste a lot of paper waste. Put the raw material contains of paper into a special garbage crusher, and a lot of water with vigorous stirring, crushing, making slurry. Since in this crushing method will use a large amount of water, so called it wet crushing.


Pre-treatment of solid waste: magnetic hydro separation (MHS)

Separation using a magnetic hydrocyclone as the separation medium, in a magnetic field or the combined effects of magnetic and electric fields generated under "increase" effect, in terms of solid waste components, and the density difference of the magnetic or magnetic, electrical conductivity and density differences, so that various components separation process.

Pre-treatment of solid waste: magnetic hydro dynamic separation (MHDS)

In a combined effect of magnetic field and electric field use strong electrolyte solution as a separation medium, in terms of solid waste between each component density, specific differences in magnetic, susceptibility and conductivity so that the make the different components of the process of separation.

Pre-treatment of solid waste: magnetic hydro static separation (MHSS)

In a non-uniform magnetic field to paramagnetic and ferromagnetic liquid use the colloidal suspension as separation medium, in the separation process according to the components of solid waste between density and magnetic susceptibility differences.

Our company has 30 years of manufacturing experience, there are a lot of solid waste disposal cases, we can according to your actual situation, tailored to you an appropriate solid waste disposal program, designed and give you the most suitable machine, if you are interested, please contact us.

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