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Construction and mining crushing newsletter-3

Construction and mining crushing newsletter-3

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1. Financial allocation for the Russian government $ 450 million highway construction

According to the Russo-Japanese Gazette reported on December 18, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed the orders this year, the Russian government financial allocation from 14.61 billion rubles ($ 450 million) for state highway construction zone. Which allocated $ 4 billion rubles to Moscow, Novosibirsk 2.28 billion rubles, the Altai Republic 1.27 billion rubles, Nizhny Novgorod 250 million rubles and so on. This command will promote the development of the road network each federal state area.

2. 2013 Dual Highway in West Kazakhstan mileage over 800 km road construction

Interfax news December 12 in Almaty , Kazakhstan Ministry of Transport and Communications , said in 2013 the Western Europe - Western China international transport corridor length of 1721 km of all repairs , including construction in Kazakhstan mileage 806 km . 2013 in Kyzylorda build 254 km , 224 km in South Hadley state built in Zhambyl built 188 km , in the construction of 140 kilometers Aktobe Pennsylvania . 2014 , except for Aktobe construction work has been completed in Pennsylvania , plans to build and mileage of 179 kilometers .
2014 focused on major road construction work in Kazakhstan in Almaty and Shymkent to Horgos to Zhambyl border road, its construction started in 2013 . Tashkent to repair sections of Shymkent section , the entire 99 km . By the end of 2014 construction work will focus on exit roads leading to neighboring countries , namely, to the Chinese border city of Almaty and Zhambyl border to Uzbekistan border. Kazakhstan intends to double- west highway built a toll road .
Dual- West highway route St. Petersburg , Moscow , Nizhny Novgorod , Kazan , Orenburg , Aktobe , Kyzylorda , Shymkent , Taraz , Corte , Almaty , Horgos , Urumqi , Lanzhou, Zhengzhou , Lianyungang, a total length of 8,445 km , 2,233 km of which way Russia, Kazakhstan 2,787 km route , 3,425 km route to China. Investment Section 825.1 billion tenge in Kazakhstan . 1390 km four-lane highway ( Kyzylorda , Turkestan , Shymkent , Taraz , Almaty , Horgos ) , the remaining sections of secondary roads , the length of 1062 km ( the Russian border. Maertuke , Aktobe , Calabria Tucker , Kyzylorda ) . Kazakh territory sections will be completed in 2015 .

3. winning Turkey lignite power station project

On December 13, Harbin Electric Corporation and Turkey, Colin (Kolin) company after many rounds of difficult negotiations, signed a contract of about $ 400 million in three 2 MW subcritical coal-fired power plant projects, formal construction is expected to begin in January 2014.
Turkey abundant deposits of coal, but most of the lower calorific value lignite. This project is located in Manisa province, 90 km north of Suo Mazhen (Soma), and use the local Brown coal power generation, Turkey lignite development with far-reaching consequences.

4. The federal government approved the construction of Lekki Nigeria deepwater port project

According to Nepal "Herald" reported to alleviate port congestion pressure existing Nigerian federal government has approved the construction of the total price of $ 1.35 billion in Lekki deepwater port project. It is reported that the project is located in Nigeria Lagos State, will be public-private partnership (PPP) approach to development, which the federal government holds a 20% stake, the Lagos state government holds 18.5% of shares, investors hold 61.5% of the shares. Project cost of $ 800 million through debt financing, will get another $ 550 million through equity investments. The project is expected to be completed in four years, after the completion of treatment and has design capacity of 400 million tons of cargo, the investor will receive a 45-year concession.
Nigerian Transport Minister Omar said that the concession period, the project will create Nigerian federal government revenue $ 373 billion, creating 162,000 jobs.
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