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Construction and mining crushing newsletter-1

Construction and mining crushing newsletter-1

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1 Japan to invest in the construction of Danang - broad highway

"Vietnam Economic Times" recently reported that Vietnam Danang - broad highway construction contracts co-signed by the three parties, the construction side for the sixth Traffic Engineering Construction Corporation (Cienco6) and the first investment and trade and transportation construction company (Trico).

Reported that the project was successful tenderer Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Danang - Vietnam and Central generalized speed will be the largest transportation project. The Vietnamese Government will contribute $ 168 million, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) assistance to $ 670 million, $ 630 million World Bank assistance.

2 Nepal is undergoing renovation 4 important trade routes

Nepal Government is undergoing renovation, and India and China 4 important trade roads, the reconstructed highway has 6 lanes. At present, 4 roads in Butwal-Buiria (Butwal-Belhiya, 24.04 km in length), and Luigi Colani-yitaharui (Rani-Itahari) reconstruction project has been started, sueryabinayake-Du Like (Surya Binayak-Dhulikhel, 15.4 km in length) and Birgunj-pasilaiya (Birjung-Pathalaiya, 28 km) is about to start the conversion. Narrow roads, traffic congestion, lack of parking space has been the main problems of these highways. Reconstructed Highway will not only has 6 lanes (including a service lane), the bus station and road safety will be set up along logo.

3 Qatar will invest mining Turkey Brown coal

On December 6, the daily news (Daily News) reported that Turkey and Qatar signed the memorandum on cooperation in developing energy, Qatar will invest mining Turkey Brown coal. Planned mining of brown coal in Turkey kalamanmalashi province in the Southeast (Kahramanmaras) afusen (Afsin)-Elbistan (Elbistan). It is learnt that the specific investment agreement will be signed in three months. In January, Qatar, Abu Dhabi national energy company (TAQA) has signed an agreement with earth-moving, in these areas to invest 12 billion US dollars to build 8,000 MW lignite-fired power plant, now the project is delayed, earthwork has begun looking for other investors. In addition, the memorandum also identified earth-moving from imports of liquefied natural gas, the amount of $ 350 million.

4 Lhasa Weng square project construction and development cooperation agreement signing ceremony held in Vientiane

On December 3, 2013, the Laos Ministry of Defense and German real estate company in Chongqing, Lhasa Weng square project construction and development cooperation agreement signing ceremony held in Vientiane. Laos Canchy, economic cooperation Bureau, Ministry of defence the Chief Secretary Cameron, as well as the library commercial Counsellor Zhao Wenyu, Chongqing party Fan Yan, Chairman of German real estate company, attended the ceremony.
Lhasa Weng square projects with a total investment of about US $ 100 million. Lhasa Weng Plaza project is a collection of hotels, office buildings, apartments, medical rehabilitation centre, a shopping mall and garage of the new urban complex, is located in the County of Laos Vientiane games Tower malicunkaishanfengweihan Chung Street, and 23,494-square-metre, overall volume of approximately 120,000 square meters. Project planning began in February 2014, 2016 completion at the end of it.

5 The awarding of Abu Dhabi AED 5.5 billion infrastructure project

According to U.A.E. the Gulf Times reported that Abu Dhabi Government Services (Musanada) signed Al Ain hospital and Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway project contracts, worth $ 5.5 billion dirhams. (1 US dollar 3.6725 dirhams) Al Ain hospital construction projects awarded to Arabtec, total 3.3 billion dirhams, is scheduled to be completed by 2018. The hospital, covering 358,000 square meters, will replace the current Jimmy district hospital. Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway project is divided into two phases, phase I award to Ghantoot traffic construction and General Contracting Company (Ghantoot Transport&General Contracting Establishment), phase II award to Samsung Engineering contractors (Tristar Engineering&Construction).

6 Cameroon Ministry of Finance issued 50 billion CFA francs for investment in bonds of six infrastructure projects

According to "Cameroon Tribune" reported on December 10, the Ministry of Finance of Cameroon's total foreign 9-23 days 500 billion CFA francs issue bonds to raise funds by issuing bonds will be used to invest in the following six projects:
1, Manwei Lai Hydropower Project: 230 billion CFA francs;
2, abundance classes - Di Badi (Foumban-Tibati) Highway Lot 1: 30 billion CFA francs;
3, left Aite Lei - Enke Rio (Zoétélé-Nkolyop) Highway: 40 billion CFA francs;
4, Obala - Ba Qinjia - Bu Emu (Obala-Batchenga-Bouam) Trunk Road Lot 2: 40 billion CFA francs;
5, Bamenda - Kunbo (Bamenda-Kumbo) asphalt ring road: 70 billion CFA francs;
6, a comprehensive industrial zone Kribi Port: 90 billion CFA francs.

7 White will allocate 10.6 million US dollars credit financed residential building construction projects

According to the Tower Club News, last December the white Government in conjunction with the Central Bank allocated white 100 billion rubles (about US $ 10.6 million) credit to finance all launching in 2013, and residential building construction projects that will be launched in 2014, 8 residential building projects have now entered into loan contracts.
Miasnikovich white Prime Minister recently informed, Belarus intends to establish construction risk insurance mechanism, is currently preparing the draft document on establishing the mechanism. In addition, white proposes to increase penalties for illegal activities in the construction industry, enhance the status of staff of the national supervisory authority of construction activities, the powers vested in administrative oversight measures taken by them before the trial.

8 The United Kingdom intends to invest nearly 400 billion pound transformation of infrastructure

According to BBC reports, recently, the United Kingdom Government announced a detailed plan of infrastructure investment in the next 20 years--the national infrastructure plan. In the next 20 years, the Government will invest in energy, transport, communications and water conservancy projects 375 billion pounds. Traditionally not a major investment in infrastructure projects of the insurance industry, also plans to invest 25 billion pounds over the next 5 years.
Included in the national infrastructure plan, the Government will sell 40% shares in the Eurostar high-speed rail service. Government officials acknowledged that the United Kingdom over the past decades in terms of infrastructure "investments".
Listed in the national infrastructure plan key projects include: the additional investment of 50 million pounds, alterations for London Gatwick airport railway station. To build a new nuclear power station in North Wales, the Government provides financial security. 1 billion pounds of the London Underground Northern line extension projects coming online to confirm. For the A50 road improvement projects funded. For the conversion of part of the A14 highway investment. 2014-2020, sale of assets, including shares in the Eurostar high speed rail funding doubled, increasing from 10 billion pounds to 20 billion pounds.
The opposition Labor Party said, fuss the national infrastructure plan published by the Government, but the actual action but slowly weakening. Opposition parties accused the Government on infrastructure on the record is "a total failure".
However, government officials insist, is of the utmost importance for the United Kingdom's infrastructure to create an attractive investment environment.

9 Three Bulgarian Manchester Ruma highway segment will tender early next year

Paul BG Daily News Network News, strategic infrastructure projects in Bulgaria, CEO of the company Antuo Fu said recently that the construction of the connection section of Paul III and the Greek border city south of the city of Manchester Ruma highway will open tender in spring next year. The project is part of the Pan-European corridor from north to south, the project is expected to start construction in 2015, completed in 2017.
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