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Molybdenum ore processing plant

Molybdenum ore processing plant

Zenith Machinery offers molybdenum ore dressing equipment, flotation machine, crushing machine, grinding machine for ore processing solutions.

Molybdenum Ore Dressing Process

Molybdenum ore dressing plant equipment

The dressing technology of molybdenum ore mainly is flotation separation, and its recovered molybdenum mineral is molybdenite. The  ore grinding process mainly consists of ball mill/rod mill-ball mill.

Crushing process:

Three-stage closed-circuit process is normally adopted to crush molybdenum ore, the finished size of the  products is 12~15mm. The ore grinding process is  ball mill/rod mill-ball mill process. Henderson is the only one that adopts semi-automatic grinding process. Differential flotation is used. Molybdenum concentrate is produced through roughing. When concentrating molybdenum ore, two/three-stage grinding process and four/five times of concentration are adopted to get molybdenum concentrattion .

Dressing process:

The beneficiation draft of molybdenum ore mainly is flotation separation (with flotation machine) and its recovered molybdenum mineral is molybdenite. Sometimes in order to improve the quality of molybdenum concentrate and remove the impurities, chemical beneficiation is necessary to process molybdenum concentrate. Molybdenite crystal is layered hexagonal or clintheriform, formed by interbedded S—Mo—S and covalent bond S—Mo.

The bonding force between interlamination is weak, while the bonding force of covalent bond is strong. So molybdenite is easily to paralleled off into sheet or clintheriform along the its structure of interlamination. This is the reason that chalcocite has fine natural floatability. Practice has proved that, under suitable grinding fineness, Molybdenite crystal paralleled off between interlamination of S—Mo—S, with small proportion of the side of hydrophilic S—Mo. However, when it is over-abraded, the side of S—Mo is increased and  the floatability is lowered. 

Though certain quantity of polar collector is added, like xanthate, which is useful for recovering molybdenite, the slimes produced by over-abrasion influence the affect of flotation separation. In order to avoid and prevent over-abrasion, we adopt grinding process by stages and multi-stage beneficiation when dressing molybdenite, so that individual dissociation is reached and the high recovery of molybdenum concentrate is guaranteed.

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