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Lead-zinc processing plant

Lead-zinc processing plant

Zenith Machinery offers crushing, screening, grinding, classifier, flotation machine for lead-zinc beneficiation solutions.

Lead-zinc processing plant

Lead-zinc processing plant equipment

Lead-zinc is a kind of ores which is rich in metallic elements: lead and zinc. It is used   in many fields: industry of electrical, mechanical, military, metallurgy, chemical, light and medicine. Additionally, it is also used in industries of nuke, petroleum, etc.

In nature, especially the primary deposit, Lead and zinc are extremely close and often symbiotic. Having the common source of metallogenic material, similar geochemical behavior, external electronic structure and strong thiophilicity, the same diffluent complex compounds are formed. Also, it is in similar situation when they are absorbed by manganese, clay, and organic substances.  

Introduction of Lead-zinc Production Line:

The mined lead-zinc is primarily crushed by crusher, after being crushed to reasonable fineness, it is evenly sent to ball mill by elevator and vibrating feeder. Finally, the ore is crushed and grinded by ball mill. The ores, grinded by ball mill, will enter to the next process: classification. Solid materials have its specific gravity, so the precipitating speed in the liquid is diverse. The spiral classifier is designed in accordance with this principle to wash and classifying  ore mixtures. Then they will be evenly sent to flotation machine through agitating vessel. Diverse floating agents are added according different ore properties, which make the needed minerals separate d from other materials. In each production part, belt conveyor and vibrating feeder play the role of connecting.

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