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iron ore concentrator

iron ore concentrator

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There will have some iron ore concentrator programs, which is more suitable for you is according to your actual situation, here we will introduce two very practical beneficiation programs, allowing you to have a better understand of the iron ore concentrator plant.

Iron ore Concentrator I 

iron ore concentrator 1.jpg

1.       dump truck

2.       primary crushing station

3.       feeder

4.       conveyor

5.       SAG mill

6.       vibrating screen

7.       wet low intensity magnetic separator

8.       hydrocyclone

9.       ball mill

10.   wet Carousel high gradient magnetic separator

11.   regarding ball mill

12.   lamella thickener

13.   flotation machines

14.   buffer tank with agitator

15.   pressure filter

16.   conventional thickener

17.   to tailing dam

18.   vacuum drum filters

19.   apatite concentrate

20.   balling drum

21.   travelling grate

22.   rotary kiln annular cooler

23.   iron ore pellet product load-out bin

24.   train car


Iron ore Concentrator II


1.       crude ore storage

2.       feeder

3.       silicate dispersant

4.       caustic soda

5.       reuse water from pond

6.       autogenous mill

7.       -76+32 mm size fraction

8.       -32+16 mm size fraction

9.       -16+2 mm size fraction

10.   -2 mm size fraction

11.   vibrating screen

12.   pebble collecting hopper

13.   pebble storage bin

14.   pebble mill

15.   pulp distributor

16.   hydrocyclone

17.   conditioner

18.   deslime thickener

19.   lime flocculant

20.   overflow

21.   reuse water pond

22.   reuse water pumped back to plant

23.   starch flocculant

24.   overflow pebble

25.   cone crusher feed bin

26.   cone crusher

27.   cone crusher product bin

28.   flotation feed distributor

29.   starch depressant

30.   amine collector

31.   rougher flotation

32.   1st scavenger flotation

33.   2nd scavenger flotation

34.   3rd scavenger flotation

35.   4th scavenger flotation

36.   middling

37.   tailing pond

38.   polymer flocculant

39.   concentrate thickener

40.   slurry tank

41.   distributor

42.   filter

43.   steam

44.   filter cake

45.   pelletizing

If you want to know more details about the iron ore concentrator, the role played by each device in the plant, and the way they work, please contact us, our engineers will give you a detailed answer. Professional technical team can service you at any time!

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