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 importance of crushing and grinding in beneficiation

importance of crushing and grinding in beneficiation

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After the mining of ore, except for a few rich in valuable minerals bonanza, the vast majority of lean ore contains large amounts of gangue. In the metallurgical industry, these lean ore content of low useful components of mineral and the composition is complex, if directly use smelting to extract metals, energy consumption is very large,and will resulting in high production costs. For more economic development and use of low-grade ore, expand the sources of mineral raw materials, ore smelting must go through before sorting and enrichment to abandon most of the gangue, processing the useful minerals in order to reached the smelting requirements.

In the beneficiation process, there are two basic steps: First, dissociation, That is crushing and grinding the large pieces of ore, and dissociating a variety of useful minerals from the ore particles; Second, sorting, is to after the material particles have been dissociated,selct the different products according to their physical and chemical differences in the nature preferably. Due to the nature of the vast majority of useful minerals are closely associated with gangue together and often has embedded micro-fine in the ore, if not use the first step to make a variety of minerals or ingredients separated from each other, even if their properties have very big difference, still can not be sorted. So let's useful minerals and gangue full dissociation is a prerequisite for the use of any sorting method, and the purpose of crushing and grinding the ore is to make the closely linked useful raw minerals and gangue full dissociation of each other.

Ore crushing process is to gradually make the process of block decreasing. Various useful dissociation are produced from the process of mineral particles size. If the product is not crushed fine enough granularity, useful minerals and gangue can not fully dissociated ,then the sorting will become ineffective ; while the pulverized product granularity too thin , resulting in too much crushed particles, although a variety of useful minerals is dissociated completely , but the sorting result is also not necessarily good, this is because any material size the sorting method can handle has a certain limit, below the lower limit of the particle ( ie over crushed particles ) would be difficult to effectively sorting . For example , the flotation on less than 5 ~ 10μm mineral particles , gravity separation for mineral particles less than 19μm , the recovery is still not very good. Therefore, the concentrator crushing and grinding basic task is to select the full dissociation and crushed lesser material for the sorting operation , and its particle size can fit the chosen sorting method. If the crushing process and equipment operations improper selection , bad production and operations management, dissociation is not sufficient, over crushing or grinding the material, all of this will be cause the decline in overall beneficiation plant technical and economic indicators.

mining crushing and grinding

In the plant, the equipment investment, production costs, energy consumption and consumption of steel in crushing and grinding operations are often the largest proportion, better or worse calculation of crushing and grinding equipment selection and operation management, to a large extent determine the economic benefits of concentrator.

To sum up, high and low concentrator technology indicators, and economic indicators, for better or worse, its root causes are often lies in mineral ore crushing and grinding, so each mineral processing workers must be seriously used in the crushing and grinding equipments, minimizing the cost of the hole plant.

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