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Iron Ore Concentration Plant

Iron Ore Concentration Plant

Zenith can design and recommended the entire iron ore concentration plant for you

Iron ore concentration plant is mainly used for sorting hematite, limonite, specularite, siderite, martite or mixed ore production and processing companies, known as "red ore" beneficiation plant, which iron ore grade is low, this ore inserts fine granularity, complex mineral composition and sorting is very difficult.

1. The magnetite iron ore concentration plant

Mainly used to separating low-grade magnetite. Due to ore magnetic high intensity, good wear and good separation, magnetic concentration plant using stage grinding and multi-stage grinding process, used for the coarse grained disseminated magnetite the former (one-stage grinding), for fine particle of magnetite disseminated using the latter (two-stage or three-stage grinding). Developed by our own series of permanent magnets to make magnetic separator for realization of permanent magnet. After the 70's, as in magnetite concentrator of the country promoted a new technology of fine screen and regrinding, concentrate grade from 62% to about 66%, to achieve the requirements of Ministry of Metallurgical Industry concentrate grade of 65%.

2. Weakly magnetic iron ore concentration plant

80 years later, the research of the beneficiation technical aspects of roasting, wet high intensity magnetic separation, weak magnetic flotation and re-election of other processes continue to improve, makes concentrate grade, metal recovery continues to increase, obtained an encouraging results.


3 Multi-metal iron ore concentration plant

Such minerals are complicated, diverse, so the use of methods, equipment and processes are also different, such as the use of anti-flotation- - multi-gradient magnetic separation, flocculation flotation, weak magnetic - reverse flotation - intensity magnetic separation, weak magnetic - positive flotation, roasting, so many different processes in order to improve the recovery of iron and comprehensive recovery of rare earth oxides. One such type of iron ore plant obtained through magnetic separation around TFe53% vanadium iron ore, magnetic separation tailings after scavenging through weak magnetic - intensity magnetic separation - re-election - flotation - dry electrostatic separation to obtain refined cobalt titanium ore and sulfur ore, to achieve titanium and cobalt recovery. The other multi-metal iron ore plant use weak magnetic - magnetic and flotation, comprehensive recovery of iron, copper and cobalt, sulfur and other elements.

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