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Quartzite production plant

Quartzite production plant

Zenith Machinery utilizes the professional quartz sand processing technology and production equipments. According to the requirements of different customers, Zenith Machinery is making the special design customization to give you the most suitable and eco

Quartz production line

Quartzite production plant

The texture of quartz stone is solid so there could be relatively flexible design on designing crushing craft. If the customer's market price has the advantage, the two-parts crushing craft can be used. For the application of quartz sand crushing, the Zenith mine and construction technology can provide various specifications of products that are tested by practice, which are including the stationary quartz production line and the mobile quartz production line. According to the customer's specific conditions,our experts can construct the perfect plan for you to meet your production requirements.

Quarts crushing process

First of all, the stones are got the primary crushing by coarse crusher.Then the producted coarse materials are delivered to the fine ore crusher by belt conveyor for further crushing.After fine crushing,the stones enter into vibrating screen and there are two kinds of carpolite to be got.The ones that meet the feeding size of the sand making machine will come into the sand making machine for sand making. The other parts return back for fine crushing. In sand making machine, part of the carpolite are made into sand and then made into the finished product sand through the washing process by sand washing machine. The other part come into the sand making machine for another crushing.

This production line features high automaticity,low operating cost, high crushing degree,energy saving, high output, low pollution and simple maintenance. The mechanism of the sand production comply with the national building sand standards. The grain size of the product is uniform, the grain form is well and the gradation is reasonable.

Quartz sand production equipment

The quartz sand production line mainly consists of vibrator feeder, jaw crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen and tape transmission machine,etc. Our productions are used for many projects and win the good reputation among many customers. The quality of Zenith will help you get more profits.

Quartz mine

Quartz,one of inorganic minerals,is translucent or non-transparent crystal.Generally,quartz is lacte and quite solid. Quartz is a kind of mineral resources, whose physical property and chemical property are very stable. The quartz belongs to oxide mineral of trigonal system and is a kind of the most widely distributed mineral among the quartz mineral. The quartz lump, also called silica, mainly is the raw material for quartz sand production and it is also the raw material for quartz refractory materials and fire silicon.

The quartz sand is a very important industrial mineral raw materials and is widely used for glass, ceramics, refractory material, metallurgy, building, chemical engineering, machinery, electron, rubber, plastics, plastics, coating,aviation and aerospace.

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