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Kaoline processing plant

Kaoline processing plant

Zenith Machinery offers kaolin crusher, kaolin grinding mill, kaolin dressing equipment for the kaolin mineral processing.

The process of kaolin dressing equipments

kaolin processing plant

The sand production line produced by our Zenith Machinery can separate the claymineral and anic matter, such as quartz, feldspar, mica, iron ore content, titanium minerals. The sand production line also can produce the kaolin products that could  meet the industry requirements. Besides gravity separation , the flotation, magnetic separation are usually used to purify the kaolin, sometimes are the processing methods, such as chemical bleaching, ultra-fine flaking, calcination and surface modification, are needed for kaolin processing.

Kaolin mine

The pure kaolin features high whiteness, soft texture, high dispersion and suspension in the water, good plasticity, high bonding, good electrical insulating performance, high acid resistance, low cation exchange capacity and fire resistance. For these features, the kaolin has already been the necessary raw mineral materials for dozens of industry, such as papermaking, ceramics, rubber industry, coating, medicine and national defense.

Kaolin dressing process 

Generally, the kaolin dressing process is classified for dry process and wet process.

The dry process is that through the crusher, the raw ores are crushed so that the particle size can be 25mm or so and then the ores come into cage crusher to reduce the particle size to 6mm or so. The hot air in cage crusher reduces the moisture in the kaolin from 20% to 10%. After being crushed, the ore stone is got the further fine grinding by air blowing raymond mill equipped with centrifugal separator and cyclone dust separator. The dry process can eliminate most of the sand and applies to process the ore stone with high whiteness of the raw ore, low sand content, suitable particle size distribution.The production cost of dry process is low and the products are commonly used as the low-cost packing in rubber, plastic and paper making industry, etc.

The wet process consists of several stages, such as the dispersion, classification, impurities separation of the pug and the product processing. The general process is that:  raw ore→crushing→ramming paste→degritting→hydrocyclone classifier→delaminating
→centrifuge classification→magnetic separation(or bleaching)→concentration→filter pressing→drying→ceramic, paper-making and coating products.

Kaolin dressing equipments

Our Zenith Machinery is a professional mining machinery manufacturer. The main products of our company are: the ore grinding equipments, such as raymond mill, ball mill, aerated concrete equipment and steel ball grinding equipment; the crushing equipments, such as jaw crusher, hammer crusher, counter impact crusher, impact crusher and roll crushing mill; the matched mining equipments, such as conveyor, feeding machine, vibrating screen, magnetic separator, flotation separator, ore washer and drying machinery. Our products are of very good quality and have a good sale at home and abroad for almost 200 countries. Combined with your specific situation, Zenith will give you the kaolin dressing production line with high efficiency and economic saving.

Note: If you are interested in the products, or would like to know more details, please contact with our online service, leave your questions and contact info to them, they were 24-hour-online real person, will transfer your information directly to the professional engineer. After a detailed analysis of the problem you had left, and then will send you a satisfactory reply (all questions will be answered within 24 hours). Of course, what we will give you is a very very good price! Our team is at all times ready to fit your specific requirements!

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