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Limestone Crusher

Limestone Crusher

We have technologically advanced crushing engineers, according to the user's requirements and design the matching limestone crushing system.

Limestone crushers, are mainly the professional of the various types of crushers for limestone crushing.

Limestone crusher features

The device operation is stable and reliable, simplification process, simple structure, easy maintenance, large production capacity, long hammer service life. Widely used in granite, basalt, limestone, river gravel, cement clinker, quartz, iron ore, bauxite and other minerals finely crushing.

Limestone crusher working principle

When the crusher is in the operation, the machine driven by the motor, the rotor rotation in a high speed, the material enter into the first crushing chamber, collide the rotor plate be crushed, and then into the second crushing chamber for re-crushing, and finally discharged from the discharge port.


Limestone crusher installation services

1, before mounting the machine, the number of parts must to be counted. Check with the individual parts and machined surface with clear thread damage caused by in the loading and unloading, and remove the protective coating, which applied to the packaging process on the surface of the crusher, as well as in handling the falling dust and dirt and so on.

2, in installation the fixed contact surfaces must coated with dry oil, the active surface coated with thin oil.

3, crusher must be installed on a solid reinforced concrete foundation, foundation depth according to the user’s local geological conditions.

4, in order to avoid the accumulation of broken ore, the lower base must have sufficient space for installation and transportation equipment .

5, in order to not damage the foundation, must cover the upper guard which is owned by the user, above the foundation.

Limestone production line process

Limestone production system: grinding method , grinding the containing more than 90% CaCO3 Whitehead with Raymond mill or other high pressure mill, classification , separation, and the obtained final product.

Packaging: plastic bag, net weight 50 kg.

Storage precautions: must store in a dry warehouse. Prevent breaking of bags when transport. Shall not be stored together and mixed transport with liquid acid.

We have technologically advanced crushing engineers, according to the user's requirements and design the matching limestone crushing system. We can provides the system's preliminary design consultation, as well as design, installation, and limestone crushing system based commissioning, trial production, and training of workers, that a complete set of before- sale, sale, after-sale service.

Note: If you are interested in the products, or would like to know more details, please contact with our online service, leave your questions and contact info to them, they were 24-hour-online real person, will transfer your information directly to the professional engineer. After a detailed analysis of the problem you had left, and then will send you a satisfactory reply (all questions will be answered within 24 hours). Of course, what we will give you is a very very good price! Our team is at all times ready to fit your specific requirements!

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