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aggregate plant

aggregate plant

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 Aggregate production line: aggregates are the basic components of the concrete

Aggregate basic production status in the concrete structures

1. There is a large need volume, per cubic metre of concrete is about 1.5 Cubic metres of aggregates;

2. the aggregate quality directly affects the quality of the concrete dam.

Coarse aggregate size is divided up as follows:

First grade 5 ~ 20 mm

Second grade 5 ~ 20, 20~40, 40~80 mm

Third grade 5 ~ 20, 20~40, 40~80 mm

Fourth grade 5 ~ 20, 20 ~ 40,40 ~ 80,80 〜120 (150) mm

2. The fine aggregate fineness modulus controlling, usually

~ 2.4


Aggregate production line: aggregate quarry plan

Aggregate quarry production planning is the foundation of the aggregate system. Aggregate quality is the most important prerequisite for stockyard choice.

1. Principles of planning an aggregate quarry. Improve gravel quarry plan should follow the following principles:

1) Meet the quality of hydraulic concrete aggregate, reserves grading strive to meet the needs of each design, and must have the necessary amount of wealth.

2) Optional yard, especially the main yard, should be open, elevation suitable, large reserves, good quality, long mining seasons, it should be able to take into account the flood or dry season mutual backup requirements.

3) Select of the recoverable rate, natural gradation and design gradation closer, with the small number of artificial aggregate gradation adjustment yard.

4) There is sufficient carriage return and nearby stockyard land, and take up less farmland.

5) Select the mining preparation work is small, simple construction stockyard.

2. Gravel quarry planning preferred method

 Optimization of the source material planning, that is, from the overall construction, consider limiting storage yard, mining and processing, as well as the requirements of the whole project requirements overall balance, so that sand and gravel cattle production costs as low as targets. According to the source material conservancy and hydropower project planning features, preclude the use of systems engineering theory, dynamic programming, linear programming methods, the lowest production cost of finished aggregate objective function to project the demand for aggregates, factory settings, can stockyard mining stocks, each processing unit production capacity constraints, carried out various gravel mining sand and gravel processing plants, demand and storage optimization between disposable feeding amount.

3. Basic types of aggregates (source)

1) Natural aggregate: low cost, but grading and concrete design grading different;

2) Artificial Aggregate: good quality, you can use the excavation of stone, but the high cost;

3) Mixing aggregate: natural aggregate-based, supplemented by artificial aggregate.

4. Wool aggregate mining method

Underwater mining: the excavation of natural gravel from the riverbed or floodplain dragline excavators and material appropriate to preclude the sand boat;

Onshore Production: mainly used excavators. Shown below Shovel excavators, backhoe excavator; Hill Field mining: blasting preclude the use of caverns and deep blasting.


Aggregate production line: aggregate processing and processing equipment

The collected wool aggregate processing, typically through crushing, screening and washing, made ​​in line with grading, removal of impurities artificial sand and gravel. According to the aggregate processing process, then consists of aggregate processing plants.

1, Aggregate crushing

Use gravel crushing machinery, equipment commonly used jaw, cone, impact crusher, and three. Zenith's latest high-performance equipment cone crusher is the best aggregate crusher for aggregate crushing.

2, Aggregate screening

For grading, need to screening capture the natural wool or mixture after crushing, screening has two hydraulic and mechanical sieving grading methods. Large-scale plant usually use the multi-purpose mechanical sieving, there are two kinds of eccentric screen: vibration and inertia.

3, Aggregate washing

4, Sand making

After the shunt sewage mortar use the grit box for the first time washing, then the material enter into the washing machine for further cleaning. Artificial sand usually used the rod mill for processing.

5, Aggregate processing plant

Massive aggregate processing plants, often processing machinery and equipments according to process (crushing, screening, washing, transport and stacking) arranged the aggregate processing plant. Among them, plant-based screening operations, said screening floor.


Screening hug schematic layout (size: m; diameter: mm)

Access to materials layout

1-feed belt machine  2-output belt machine  3-a sand box 4-sand washing machine 5 - Screening hug 6 - canal trough 7 - partition 8 - finished stockpiles 9 a finished product shipped

Aggregate production line: aggregate stockpiling

In order to accommodate unevenness in the production of concrete, can be used to reserve a certain amount of aggregate yard to resolve the aggregate supply and demand. How much aggregate reserves, mainly depends on the intensity of the production and management level, usually 50%-80% according to the monthly average peak period considered. Flood, when the frozen period that must stop mining, aggregate basis having stopped preclude the required amount of 20% of the margin considerations. Stockyard types and terrain conditions, stacking equipment, access to material way relevant. Commonly used types have stepped, bridge type, embankment type.


a. Double cantilever stacker stacker

1 Feed belt

2 The shuttle belt conveyor with two sides can move

3 The way

4 Output belt

b. Side of the cantilever stacker

Of course, our company has a very professional team for you to solve aggregate plant design and installation, and has a very good after-sales service, if you are interested in the products, please contact with online customer service. They will give you the good help.


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